The REVOLUTION range of high technology coordinate measuring machines are completely and completely equipped with Renishaw CMM technology components. Renishaw has been the industry benchmark supplier of CMM probes for more than 25 years and over the past decade has introduced other critical CMM components into its product portfolio including CMM Measuring Scales, open architecture Universal CMM Controller and its DMIS based MODUS metrology software.

A REVOLUTION CMM incorporates the seamless integration of all available Renishaw technological components providing the customer with a high technology CMM supported globally by Renishaw support teams and without the traditional CMM OEM “lock-up” of software error maps, controller service codes and commercially driven shortened life-cycle spare-parts obsolescence.

The CMM REVOLUTION Starts Here…and its about Time






Offering the Renishaw 5 axis probing technology as standard REVOLUTION CMM’s are the most productive available. 5 Axis CMM motion provides the ability to measure component features using ‘Head Touches’; this unique new CMM measuring technique inspects using only the motion of the probe head completely eliminating CMM motion during feature measurement resulting in dramatically improved productivity and metrology results.

The European manufactured REVOLUTION CMM platform comes from a global leader in the supply of Coordinate Measuring Machines and one of only a few suppliers capable of manufacturing CMM structures from advanced alloy technology with its proven capabilities to react positively to thermal changes without accuracy degradation.


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